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Mini Pedicure

The mini pedicure involves the toenails being cut and filed to the perfect shape, followed by basecoat, colour and high shine topcoat.

Cost: £15

Zen Spa Pedicure

Hard skin will be removed, feet and legs will be exfoliated and massaged with deep conditioning creams leaving them softer and smoother. Your cuticles will be groomed and your toenails beautifully shaped and perfectly polished.

Cost: £27

Deluxe Pedicure

As above but also includes the heated booties to relieve swollen, aching, tired feet and aid penetration of the cream leaving them silky, smooth and soft.

Cost: £30

French Polish

Cost: to any of the above £3.50

Zen Spa Pedicure with GELeration Polish

Feet are soaked in a relaxing foot spa; any hard skin removed and exfoliated with an enzyme scrub. Feet and legs are then massaged and cuticles pushed back. Finishing with nails cut and filed to the ideal length and Gel polish applied.

Cost: £32

GELeration File and Polish on Toes

Toes are cut and filed to the shape you wish. We finish with applying Jessica Nails Gel polish.

Cost: £20

Removal of GELeration Polish

Please ask if you wish for your gels to be removed at your appointment to ensure we have adequate time for this. However GELs can easily be removed at home using the Jessica’s Erase Solution. This is to ensure the natural nail is not damaged, like it would be if picked off.

Cost: £8


Cost: £2


Please note we do not remove any other make of GEL polish.


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