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Algologie Facials

Algologie Facials

Algologie facials and salon treatments offer immediate and long-lasting beauty-enhancing results for the face and body.  For the past 20 years, algologie facials effectiveness has been recognised in beauty institutes and spas the world over - offering products and salon treatments which have produced amazing results.

Based on fresh crushed algae, seawater and essential oils, the Algologie product range regenerates, revitalises, detoxifies and balances the body internally and externally, working to treat the source of the problem not just the symptoms.

We aim to educate our clients making them aware of their biological disposition in how to slow down the ageing process. Providing our clients with the necessary tools to protect and repair the damages caused by the environment.

Express Facial

Perfect for a quick & effective lunchtime treat.

Cost: £24

Revitalising and Energising

Perfect answer for when skin is overworked, tired and has sustained damage by the environment, stress and today's lifestyles. Both treatment and products help the skin to recover all its vital energy's. The skin is left hydrated, protected, intensly revitalised and replenished. Totally recharged with pure radiance.

Cost: £40

Hydra Plus Replenishing

Perfect for moisture starved skin. This is a real moisturising bath for thirsty skins, it plumps and fills cells with water, erasing discomfort and dehydration lines. Ideal for skins with the first signs of aging and skin tightening, the benefits are felt and seen immediately and continue long after the treatment.

Cost: £40

Intensive Hydra Plus

Cost: £40


Cost: £40

Redensifying and Plumping

A global anti-aging treatment and product range specifically designed to meet all the fundamental needs of a demanding and mature skin. Working on the 3 causes of skin aging, External (sun, pollution, diet and lifestyle), Genetic and Hormonal, carefully selected ingredients work on much needed nourishment and moisture levels, protection and intense regeneration. The skin recovers its energy and becomes firm, toned and full of radiance. Deep lines and wrinkles are reduced, leaving the skin plump, smooth and firm. The facial contours are redefined, the complexion more uniformed, restoring a beautiful youthful appearance.

Cost: £45

Marine Vitality

Mineralising treatment. Radiance enhancer. Adapted to all skin types. Source of minerals and oxygenation, the Marine Vitality Facial is the first step towards a healthy skin. Like a swim in the ocean, it recharges the skin in Vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for its proper functioning. It revitalizes the skin and brings radiance. It is recommended as the first treatment and also regular at each change of season, times of fatigue, because it increases the efficiency of the other treatments and skincare products used at home.

Cost: £35

Marine Moisturising

Intense moisture and freshness treatment. For thirsty skins. Thirst quenching treatment for dehydrated skins. The Marine Moisturising Facial is a real moisturising bath: it replumps the skin, fill cells with water, erases discomfort and dehydration lines. Its benefits are felt immediately and persist after treatment. The skin becomes fresh and luminous.

Cost £32

Ocean Softness

Soothing and anti-aging treatment. For sensitive and reactive skins. Stress, cold and heat….sensitive skins feel constantly uncomfortable. This treatment is a soothing and comfortable break for sensitive skins. Thanks to the desensitizing properties of the golden seaweed, the skin becomes less reactive. It is also moisturized, softened and rested.

Cost: £35


Purifying, vitamins treatment with Marine Clays. For combination to oily skin. This facial deeply cleanses and oxygenates complexion and matifies the skin thanks to the immediate power of purifying enzyme peel mask and papain extracts. This no-aggressive facial is for combination to oily skins to recover health and radiance. It reduces imperfections and matifies T-Zone. All the products limit sebum secretion and development of blackheads and spots.

Cost: £35

Clarifying Foam

Anti-dark spots, clarifying and radiance with sea plants. This facial visibly reduces pigmentation spots, clarifies and illuminates the complexion. The anti-pigmentation complex, encourages the elimination of melanin residue in the superior layers of the epidermis and inhibits the overproduction of melanin. This facial can also be used on old scars for a more uniform complexion.

Cost: £35

Global Anti-Aging

Stimulating and regenerating with Marine Forces. For Mature skins. This anti-aging facial brings minerals and boosts tone. Fresh seaweeds give all their strength and richness in minerals to the skin. It recovers energy, it is firming and more radiant.

Cost: £40

Lift & Lumiere Treatment

Anti-Aging facial for 40 years+. This treatment brightens, revitalises, lifts and firms any skin wanting a tightening but nourishing result. The contours of the face are redesigned promoting an illuminated, firmed, look.

Cost: £45

Eye Contour Treatment

Relaxing, moisturising and lifting treatment for the eye contour. Anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-wrinkles. The eye are is very fragile, thin and mobile (blinking, face expressions). It weakens rapidly. This eye treatment reinforces, rejuvenates, moisturizes, decongests and firms the eye contour.

Cost: £10

Algologie Facials

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